Presto, the little musician

Discover and recognize the instruments


  • 5 books (A4)
  • 6 CDs (1 CD per book + 1 game CD combining all 5 volumes)
  • 5 playing boards (one per volume (A4))
  • 1 giant poster (A1)

Educational game to discover and recognize the musical instruments.

Music and Languages!

Music :
In order to teach an introduction to musical instruments and to have students learn to recognize them, Christian GERARD has created "The Adventure of Presto the Little Musician". This adaptable, evolving teaching resource is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 10 years. It contains booklets, CDs, puzzle playing boards and a giant poster.
Having observed that few children (or even adults) were able to distinguish the sounds of musical instruments, the composer came up with this educational and entertaining teaching tool.
Languages :
Learn, listen, read, play and recognize... in another language !
The stories are written and told in French, Dutch, English and German. In this way, the teacher is able to make use a tool whish combines language teaching with the discovery, through play, of musical instruments !
"Presto" is a game ideally played in small groups or workshops. It is therefore best suited for use in nursery or primary schools, music awareness classes, nurseries, day care centers, games libraries...but also for private individuals, music teachers in teachers’ training colleges, for speech therapists, E.N.T. doctors , special education.

This game received the "Price of the Jury" by the Belgium Game Federation at the contest "Game of the year" 2007! It is also certified by the program " European Year of the Creativity and the Innovation 2009 " in Luxembourg!


All the games were sold.

It's however possible to acquire posters and playing boards.

Examples (audio and visual) of the game