Le chant des étoiles

Album of instrumental lullabies


Lullabies specially created for unborn babies and children up to 3 years of age.

For these lullabies, the artist received words of congratulations and encouragement from the Royal Palace of Belgium, from some people of medical and paramedical world and from specialists of the early childhood.
These compositions are specially created for unborn babies and children up to 3 years of age.

Who can buy the CD ?
 Expectant mothers, parents of newborns, kindergarten teachers and childcare workers, paramedical staff or any perso who takes care of babies on a permanent or occasional basis (grandparents, neighbours, family members, etc..)
 Any person looking for a gift for a birth.

 To familiarize unborn children with sounds from the everyday world (this CD will be baby's first comforter).
 To put babies to sleep, to settle them.
 To introduce very small children to music, via specially adapted instrumental melodies.

A word from the composer

"As soon as I found out my wife was pregnant, I was so happy that I composed the lullaby, 'Baby will be here soon!'.
I quickly got caught up in it and composed a dozen or so other lullabies in the months that followed. My aim was to make a CD which would become a gift for my little girl when she was born.

I therefore took the time to put my very best into composing the lullabies, which are varied and rich in harmonies. In a range of tones, these lullabies evoke dreams and tranquillity. I also took special care to choose a blend of acoustics that is soft, celestial and relaxing.

The benefits of music have been acknowledged by early childhood specialists (pediatricians, pre-school teachers, psychologists, etc..)

Like a good book, music is enriching for the child.
It can penetrate the enchanting world of sounds and the imagination.
Music is a tremendous structuring tool.

Christian GERARD